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China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund ("CAF") is a USD-denominated offshore quasi-sovereign equity fund sponsored by the Export-Import Bank of China (“EXIM Bank”), among other institutional investors, under the direction of the PRC State Council and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The fund targets investment opportunities in infrastructure, energy and natural resources in the ASEAN countries. CAF specializes in sustainable investments that not only bring financial growth to the investee company but also significant values to the community. The establishment of CAF was led by EXIM Bank and approved by the PRC State Council. It was formally announced by the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in 2009, and further approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2013. Operating with a high level of integrity and international best practices, the Fund's investment professionals pursue strategic opportunities that require growth capital to generate superior returns for its investors. CAF provides capital supports to the outstanding enterprises in both China and the ASEAN region and enhance value for the sponsors. The fund is aiming to become one of the most reputable and best-performing private equity funds in the region.

CAF is not only managed by diverse international professionals with proven track records in principal investments and extensive capital markets experiences, but also has the unique ability to leverage its extensive network and resources, particularly in China, to support its investee companies for value enhancements.

The uniqueness of the China-ASEAN Fund is its strong investment power, rich industry experiences, deep understanding of the region and the target investment field, as well as the full fledge support from its sovereign investors. The capital involvement of the China-ASEAN fund could provide continuous and incomparable value enhancement and synergy to the sponsor company and the project.


  • One of the largest equity fund with Chinese background focusing on the ASEAN region
  • Pursuing investments in infrastructure, energy and natural resources to generate superior returns
  • Ability to invest in both Greenfield and Brownfield projects, in order to realize the dual goal of achieving commercial success and best social effect as well
  • Target size for the phase I of the fund is USD 1 billion and the ultimate target is USD 10 billion
  • Managed by a team of international professionals with experience in principal investments, investment banking and covered industries


People in CAF are the pioneer to explore the extraordinary potentials of the ASEAN region. Join our team to maximize your value in an unprecedented platform and impose a real positive impact to the local communities in the Region. CAF offers opportunities to build an exciting career where you will have the chance to define your own development pipeline.

CAF is now accepting applications from all interested professionals. Please send your CV and cover letter to the following address to apply: